Sports Massage - How deep do you want it?

Meet Luis - he's the main man when it comes to Sports Massage, and he's going to be working out of our treatment room.

We don't work with clinicians or coach's that we don't trust or believe in, and that's why we don't ever refer to anyone else in Cheltenham for Sports Massage and there is a very good reason for that...

This is a man who will listen to how you like your Sports Massage:

Luis doesn't believe you need to leave people screaming and squirming on the couch to be effective.

Luis doesn't believe you need to leave people covered in bruises to give an effective Sports massage - Actual Bodily Harm isn't right!

Sports massage is going to help you recover from sports faster meaning you can 'go again' sooner than you'd realised.

With the help of Deep tissue techniques you will find a reduction in exercise-induced swelling and improved muscle and tendon flexibility... letting you train harder and faster again.

Preparation to perform well before, during and after training is what Luis is all about.