Bike Fit

There is nothing worse than a poor bike fit. You spend hundreds or thousands of pounds on a new bike (don’t tell your partner how much it really cost) - you get ‘sized up’ in the shop and then cycle home (because you were dropped off at the shop).

You are either knackered because you are unfit or end up with sores everywhere else because of that narrow racing saddle. You get a bit fitter with more cycling and the buttocks eventually get used to that razor blade of a saddle. But then something else happens, you end up with a longer lasting:

Neck stiffness - or Low Back Pain

Knee pain - Hamstring pains

Shoulder aches or

ITB soreness (outside of the knee pain) and eventually you lose all hope and sling the bike to the back of the shed to gather dust.

Now imagine if you jumped on the bike already suffering from some of or all of these injuries - what do you think is going to happen next? Are things going to be better or worse after cycling great distances, doesn't take a genius to work it out right?

You know what's so irritating about this? All of this can be avoided by getting the bike fitted to you and to your body shape! Sure bikes come in a few different sizes, but what about the cleats, the handlebar position, the saddle, shape and size - the position the saddle own the forwards and backwards plane and the up and the down? What about the length of the stem on your bike, have all of these things been considered in the swanky bike shop or when you sat in front of the computer and bought the new Carbon frame from the online store?

You see, we are all different. Some of us have long backs, others have short backs.
Some of us have short legs, others even have legs of different length - which means that an off the shelf saddle adjustment probably isn't going to be enough to mean that you ride in comfort, particularly if you do have those short legs with tight Hamstrings or that stiff back after Spinal surgery. Imagine if you had tight hamstrings and a stiff back and neck! There’s a lot to consider right there!

A proper bike fit means that you can ride that 50,60, 70, 80 or even 100 milers with minimal extra stress being placed on the body, and that’s what a proper bike fit by a ‘Physio or body mechanic’ trained in Bike fitting means to you.

The chance to improve your comfort in the saddle because your bike is set up to your personal needs. It really does make the difference. In fact, I’ve never had anyone leave a fitting and not say the adjustments we have made are NOT Beneficial. PS we've been fixing people for the last 12 years and fixing people and their bikes for the last 5 - after training with the gurus at Bike Science.


Combined with our no fuss, Guarantee that if you are not happy with what we have done, then you come back to see us for FREE and we go again - or simply put things back to where they were in the first place.

I honestly believe that the combination of Physio assessment before the bike fitting works like a dream. A bit like every cyclist's favourite of coffee and cake!

I cycle nearly every day and have done since, well I was young. I hope to be cycling until I’m a real old codger because the 2 wheeled machine is a thing of beauty in my opinion. Right now I’m as pleased as punch because my 3 and 4-year-old kids have literally just had their stabilisers removed and they are away. I just hope the bike brings them as much fun as it has me for the rest of their lives.