Neck and Shoulder Pain

End nagging neck pain before it gets even worse…

After Low Back Pain, Neck Ache has got to be the second most common and irritating problem patients 30 + years of age tell us they have.

It’s the kind of issue that gets in the way and makes even the simple things irritating - sitting, sleeping, lifting, carrying, driving. In fact, you name it, Neck Pain probably gets in the way of it -

We all need to do the above activities on a day to day basis and that’s what makes neck pain really annoying. Not to mention the influence that the Neck has on causing Headaches and Migraines.

Some people confuse Shoulder Pain for Neck pain, and the neck can actually cause Shoulder pain, so there definitely is a link between the two and this is what makes things even more confusing for patients.

But don’t panic, as I say this problem is one we see nearly daily - and because of this over the last 12 years, we’ve become expert in treating it and getting people over the scourge of neck ache and fit and well again and living life to the full. in fact, a lot of the time people aren’t looking to throw the javelin pain-free, but simply trying to do what they need to do day to day pain-free - that might be the:

  • Desk job, computing
  • Lifting the grandchildren
  • Pushing the buggy
  • Driving 
  • Doing the gardening
  • Sleeping
  • The shopping

You see Neck Pain can interfere with just about all of life's activities and we’re here to end it -
All through natural treatments and great advice, meaning that you can stop gobbling the painkillers at rate of knots - because there has to be a better answer in the longer term, right?

If off the shelf exercises don't seem to have done the trick and you are fed up of being told it's all age related, then a tailored treatment programme including massage and joint manipulation are probably what you need. Because a one size fits all approach doesn't always work!

If you are still unsure that we are going to be able to help - then remember you can call us and chat through things first - it gives you a chance to decide if you think we can help you and understand your issues!


So if nothing you do seems to be working then call us, email - it really doesn't matter how you get in contact, but do see what we can offer as I’m pretty certain that we can help.

We promise to listen to your concerns and issues and provide you with a clear diagnosis and treatment plan that you can understand. Honestly, we loving nothing more than being able to help out.

So to clarify, if you are looking for a solution to put an end to:

  • Neck and Shoulder ache 
  • Tension and stiffness in the Neck and upper back. 
  • Daily headaches or Migraines. 
  • Poor and disturbed sleep. 
  • Or Stiffness while working etc etc etc then do it today

Call and find out how specialist Private Physiotherapy can help.


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