Knee Pain

Knee pain comes in various forms and really gets in the way of life. I mean, unless you are happy to walk around on your hands all day then it really can get in the way of well, nearly everything day to day.

But now there is a solution to the nagging, aching issues that restrict the ability to do what you want to be doing.

Yes it's true we see a lot of people who complain of knee pain in running and sports - I mean it's one of those activities that really give the knees a pounding, and in the over 40’s it’s probably the most common issue after Back pain that we treat, every single day!

But did you know, we see loads of one pain associated with the more simple things in life like
Taking a flight of stairs, caring the weekly shopping, walking at the weekend with the family, even would you believe sitting in the car or cinema - I know even resting can cause knee pain, daft I know.

Knee pain responds very well to treatments, very well indeed. You see, what most people don't know is that with specific and directed treatments we can make a whole lot of difference to that boring, aching knee pain. The trouble is, most people have never had their knee correctly diagnosed for the actual cause of the pain. You see by the time we end up seeing people at our premises, they have normally been troubled for at least a few months if not years of pain.

It's a shame because inside of a few sessions people will more than likely be noticing the changes in the knee and then are wishing they came to see us a long time before they actually did. There is a lot of scepticism out there and differing views and opinions.

In fact, everyone has an opinion, friends, family, colleagues, you name it, they all have the solution to your knee pain and the problems it causes - but most of the time they are wrong.

Every knee issue is different and you wouldn't ask a car mechanic to fix your washing machine, you’d get the specialist in. And that’s just what we are, the Specialists, particularly in treating the active person or the person who wants to be active but can't be because of their knee.

Let me tell you now, painkillers, rest and random exercises probably aren't going to help -

An accurate injury diagnosis and specialised plan of action will!

We can't cure every knee issue, we know that, and you know that. Sure some people do end up having surgery for Arthritic knees there is no denying that. But if you are looking to be more active day to day or in the sporting context then you really should get in contact.

When we are not diagnosing knee problems we are helping those people who have had surgery - knee replacements, ligament reconstructions, Cartilage tears - it's what we do and we have the facilities to do it well, very well.

So if you have any of the following or say Yes to the following then get in touch and see how we can help you out.

A nagging aching knee that is sore with activity or at rest.

Swelling in activity and sport, including running, cycling and tennis or hill walking

Pain that is holding you back -

Stubborn pain that hasn't passed with rest and painkillers and anti-inflammatories
A feeling that you have Arthritis or wear and tear in the knee

or simply no hope in the shorter or longer term because of knee pain -

A fear of surgery, or are looking for a chance to avoid surgery.

No enjoyment in your usual activities because of pain, then do it now and take the chance to speak to a qualified, experienced Physiotherapist about your options.


PS, if the above sounds like someone you know, then why not do them a favour and get in contact on their behalf.

A Free telephone consolation is available for the health conscious person who is serious about their health and who are looking to actively searching for the best solution to getting back to being more active.

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