Foot and Ankle Pain

We have the secrets and tips, treatments and advice that will help you end foot and ankle pain quicker than you thought. Exercise and activity are what we love, and honestly, there is no better way for you to help yourself than by reading on and seeing what we can offer.

If you are looking to ‘Walk Away’ from the pain that’s either caused by walking, running or after an accident then you have come to the right place.

You see, we know that unless you can roller boot around town, then you are going to have to get those feet on the floor - and this might be exactly what you are trying to avoid right now because it's so damned painful?

If you have already had discomfort for a number of weeks, then it’s time to do something about the dogged pain that can come from the foot and ankle.

We treat active older people, and those youngsters who have experienced the pain of a ‘proper’ sprained or broken ankle and we know what the best ways to deal with these injuries are (believe me, it’s not with more rest).

Speedier recoveries are what we are all about - because who wants to be out of action. Especially around these parts - the Cotswolds is a fine place to explore, in fact, the beautiful Cheltenham town centre is a nice place to be, and who wants to miss out on all of the festivals or running races that the town can offer??

Now the older athlete is a little prone to foot and Achilles pain or sore joints - but they don't need to be limiting. If you have been told that you have Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis or an Arthritic ankle, fear not! It’s not the end of being active or sporting. in fact, now that you have found us, it’s probably the beginning of being back on the active trail - you see there are a few general reasons that people end up with these Foot and Ankle issues and we know what they are, and how to best treat them.

So if you are:

Fed up with the wait and see if it gets better on its own approach.

Have been told to simply do less of what you love

or take more painkillers.

Feel there is nothing else left to do

Or are simply not ready to put down the high heels, walking or golf shoes or running trainers then know that we can help.

You see, there doesn't need to be any visible bruising or swelling to mean you actually have a problem. Ankle and foot pain is real, despite not having these signs. Who knew that walking to the bathroom after a good night's sleep could be painful? Strange things like this are normal to us because we have dealt with the issues before. but they are not normal for most people and shouldn't be a part of normal life.

So if you suspect you have Plantar fasciitis or Achilles Tendonitis.
Have swelling of the foot or ankle.
Have a stiff foot for no real reason or after a fracture or recent surgery
Or have pain after being on your feet at work
Or while playing a round of golf or in your usual comfortable 5km run.
You are in luck because we know that specialist hands on treatments and the latest most specific exercises are likely to make a difference to you and improve your lifestyle fast.

If you are unsure that we can help, then please, let's speak - we admit we can't help everyone, but you aren't going to know if we can help without asking.

For a free telephone consultation with a specialist Physiotherapist - make your enquiry here.

The perfect option for those people who want to be more active and healthy again.

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