Running Review

At last, the solution to running injuries is here - and available to you. We have been fixing newbie and seasoned runners for years and have seen all the major running related injuries come through the clinic doors. Sure it might take up an hour of your time to come and see us, but imagine if that hour of your time meant you are back running ASAP!

You know we have a thing for running, being outside, challenging yourself and the clock - it's fun for sure. If you run for fitness or headspace or socialising or racing there is nothing more frustrating that running injuries.

We’ve been fixing dedicated runners for years now - A running injury more than likely stops you in your tracks - and we know there is nothing more frustrating than an injured runner who can’t run!

You see most people think that running is easy, pull on a pair of shoes and get out the front door. Can we all run right? Not true. We are coached for football as kids, we have swimming lessons and tennis lessons. But who has ever had running lessons? I would say very few of us and if any of us have it's only the dedicated few.

Running, of course, doesn't have to be difficult that is true, but it often is and ends up causing all kinds of issues - the majority unsurprisingly being related to the hips, knees and ankles. Did you know that you put 3-4 x your bodyweight through the legs and ankles in running - that's a lot go Kgs in most of us. So it’s no wonder that we might end up with a sorry Knee, Ankle or Achilles.

The great news for you is that it’s not terminal for you runners. You see, we’ve been closely looking at people’s running form and technique and foot placement with our fancy treadmill, cameras and software for yonks now, and you would not believe what we’ve seen in our time.

There are subtle elements of running technique that have been proven to either cause injury or predispose someone to develop injury. Of course, we only see people who can't run for as long as they’d like or as frequently as they would like or a far as they’d like - and that’s a big deal.

Did you know foot placement can have an impact on injury?
Did you know the angles of your knees on impact can affect injury?
Did you know that long strides can affect injuries?

You see there are a lot of variables that add to someone's comfort and experience in running and it’s those subtleties that we look out for. You see we have become known in Cheltenham as the go to Physio clinic for running injury, particularly in those in their late 30’s, 40’s 50’s and beyond. We understand that physical activity is important. Important for maintaining fitness and friendship groups and well being -

If all you have tried until now is rest from exercise then guess what? and then start going again with that same injurious style then potentially you are not doing yourself any favours in making a full recovery! Imagine continually punching yourself in the face for 5 minutes as a warm up before you go for your run - wouldn't be a pretty site would it? So why continue to smash your legs in the same way (that has caused your injury in the first place) on that repeated run you are about to take?

So to clarify, if you are in your late 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or 60 + value your health and want to keep running but are fed up with persistent or just down right painful joints - or already suffering with

Runners' knee,
Arthritic knees,
ITB problems,
Knee cap pain or
Achilles Tendon pain,

Then the options are, to enquire about how we can help you or simply go ahead and book the appointment that is going to help you get Straight Back to running.