Work Station Ergonomics

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  • Reduce pain in the workplace

  • RSI or spinal pain?

  • Find a solution

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Sitting in front of a computer for a working day can be painful and lead to injury in the workplace.

Occupational health and office ergonomics has been shown to contribute to headache, neck pain, and even repetitive strain injuries of the upper limbs which can keep employees from working.

A correctly set up workstation can ease symptoms of spinal pain, and take the load off over stressed muscles and tendons of the upper limbs.

Here at Straight Back Physiotherapy we offer on site Ergonomic workstation assessment, leading to a written evaluation of your workstation and working environment.

We will produce a written report documenting our findings. Offering suggestions which can help to improve employee comfort, productivity and assist in reducing time off through sickness related to inappropriate workstation set up.

Contact us today, to arrange your employee's Ergonomic workstation assessment.

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