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A friendly approach to your care

Here at Straight Back Physiotherapy we get the best results with manual, 'HANDS ON' therapies.

These techniques include the manipulation of tissues and joints, the release of muscular tension, and the mobilisation of connective tissue, as any of these structures could be the source of your trouble, contributing to your underlying issue.

Our treatment techniques allow us to get you moving more easily, and ensure you are able to perform rehabilitation exercises, which help to maintain the gains we make with treatment.

At Straight Back Physiotherapy we will treat you as an individual and utilise the specific treatment technique we feel will benefit you the most.

So as well as the hands on work we may use Acupuncture, taping, electrotherapy, and corrective exercise to assist your recovery.

We keep up to date with the latest research and development made in the Physiotherapy world to bring you the most current treatment techniques.

Because we have worked in hospitals, we have had the medical experience and exposure to treat you immediately after any surgery you may have had.

Contact us today, and see how Physiotherapy can help in your pain relief and rehabilitation.

Registered treatment provider for members of BUPA, AVIVA, AXA PPP and all other major insurance groups.