Video assisted Bike Fit / Cycle Assessment

Key Information

  • Adjustment

  • Comfort

  • Positioning = Performance

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It doesn't have to be uncomfortable

Its no wonder that people who have spent a great deal of money on a bike end up leaving it to gather dust in the shed because its just too uncomfortable to ride.

We see far too many people who have sustained injuries from a poor bike set up. If your back or neck hurts when riding, it could be related to your position on the bike.

Our hour long assessment will screen you for biomechanical issues on and off the bike. As a result we may highlight joint or soft tissue restrictions that are impairing your comfort.

We will also advise you on specific exercises that will help you to improve your flexibility and conditioning for an improved cycling performance. Because we all want to got that bit quicker.

Contact us today, so that we can help you to benefit from scientifically proven adjustments to optimise your position that can improve performance and comfort.

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