Our Gym

We love working out of Gym66 – there really isn't a better place to train in Cheltenham.

It’s a no nonsense venue where people train properly without checking out how good they look in the mirror every 5 minutes. If you aren't a regular gym goer, then at first glance it might look like a strange or confusing place to be. But trust me, there really isn't a friendlier place to be. People train here with purpose and intent – not just randomly hopping from one machine to another!

For an awesome look at where we work check out the new Gym66 website.


See how Gym66 is described by the team:

At Gym66 we our very proud of our ever growing community. We have created a highly motivating environ-ment, that when coupled with our top class facilities and services, you will achieve exceptional results.

We work very hard to ensure that we are more than just a facility, but a place where our members develop and continue to achieve new goals.


We are a no nonsense 6000sq ft. training facility priding ourselves with quality equipment, great training ethics and a positive training atmosphere.

We are home to:

  • Functional rig with large matted area 
  • 25m AstroTurf tires, prowler, sled, slam balls
  • Varied cardio equipment including concept 2 and watt bike pro machines
  • A large free weights area - 2 dumbbell sets and 9 benches
  • 6 full weightlifting sets with platforms werksan plates and bars
  • A powerlifting area with competition bench and platform eliko plates and bars