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Stuart Fossella - Wednesday, January 25, 2017 | Comments (0)
Posted 2 years ago

Here's is a little update for you on the last message we sent.

 Take a Break

You know, and we know that back pain is a right pest, and we've already told you about the need to help yourself out by doing what you can to keep it under control.

So here is a little list of Apps and general advice that we like...

These Apps are little reminders that help you to basically get up and out of the office chair for a few moments during your working day.

So many of you end up engrossed in work that you might not get up from the desk from one hour to the next.

It's been previously been mentioned that:

Sitting as bad for you as smoking

Blimey, I've even heard about people who have slept in the office before because of deadlines! That's got to be some kind of comfy office chair you've got (and I don't believe that Occupational health have been that kind to order you in a bed).

So in order to stop looking like a 90 year old Tin Man when you get in and out of your work chair, get moving some more.

Have a little look through this little list, there has to be something that you like, and something that the IT Administrator will let you install!

Here is the List for you

So if you have followed a little of previous advice you are already scheduling a walking break in the day, and now you can start the 3xhour desk giggle by simply standing up, having a stretch and getting back to it.

My particular favourite method is the Pomodoro, check that out, great Italian tomato sauce and time management :-) - which not only sees you get up and move but maybe even makes you more productive, WIN, WIN, WIN.

The Pomodoro Technique

The boss is going to love you this year...

  1. Happier staff
  2. Less groaning about back pain
  3. More productive!

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Big Thanks :-)

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For more tips on easing back pain like this, here’s free special report with 7 top tips on how to avoid back pain…

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