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Punctures and Pain

Stuart Fossella - Thursday, September 26, 2013 | Comments (0)
Posted 6 years ago
Cyclo Cross race

Babies, Half Marathons & Cyclo Cross

We have had a great few weeks at Straight Back Physio. Sarah and I have become parents again to Max-sleepless nights are the order of the day. But what a small price to pay for the privilege.

Not quite as exciting as the birth of a child but we are pleased anyway as Straight Back Physio has been recognised by Running Physio as a running friendly Physio clinic Running Physio recommends Straight Back Physio.

If you have never seen this site, let me tell you its the go to place for all running related injury info Running Physio.

You might have seen us at the Cheltenham half marathon, providing pre and post race massages to get the masses around. I hope you managed to get yourself on a treatment table; the queue was fairly long as people tried to squeeze some pain out of the legs. It was either that or to escape the deteriorating weather.

I could barely believe what my ears heard when it was announced that the first man was ‘home’ in 1:07, unbelievable. Well done to Toby Spencer of the Coventry Godiva Harriers.

Despite the weather everyone seemed to have a great race, there really were not too many complaints from racers. The only complaint seemed to be the wind up at the racecourse!!

I’m sure that there were some aching limbs on Sunday and Monday but hopefully with the help of Patrick, Adam and Molly we eased some of the discomfort. A big thanks to these guys and girls.

The usual injuries were seen on the tables; strained muscles, knee aches and Achilles pain-keep an eye out for a further Blog post with great info on the condition, especially relevant if you are suffering or finding your running or training hampered by heel pain.

A few of you punters were complaining of likely cartilage tears in the knee, read more about Meniscal tears here Torn Meniscus.

I suffered a puncture on the way to work this week, literally 5 mins before the blow out I was thinking I’d not had one for a while, error. The guys at Roylan cycles of Cheltenham spied me looking sorry for myself on their doorstep at 8.20 in the morning. Kindly they opened up and fitted a new tube in minutes-great service, go check them out for all of your cycling needs Roylan Cycles.

While there I learnt that there is a blooming Cyclo Cross scene in Cheltenham, if you don’t know what this cycle event is check the Cheltenham and County Cycling Club website out Cyclo Cross.

It turns out there is a race scheduled to be held in Pitville park on Sunday 6th October. I am definitely going to get down to check out these crazy hybrid-racing athletes. A bit like park run on a bike it seems…

With am, pm and weekend appointments available Straight Back Physio is the place to come in Cheltenham to get your sporting injuries seen to.

Hurry, get in contact, book in, don’t sit it out and think your injury will right itself-our experience in Sports Physio tells us it doesn’t usually work out that way.

Get in contact Book in.


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