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The most common Sports Injury we treat

Stuart Fossella - Monday, February 08, 2016 | Comments (0)
Posted 3 years ago

The Most Common Sports Injury we treat at Straight Back Physio

February 2016 and its been busy. We see a lot of running related injuries at Straight Back Physio.

But that's NOT SURPRISING because I can't think of a sport that doesn't involve running! Alright there's swimming and darts and horse riding...But you know what I mean

So the injuries we treat are either based upon a dramatic moment of misfortune, a crash bang or a wallop. Or are those really irritating injuries that creep up on you for no justified reason (well that's what we all like to think).

So what do we see loads of?

You might be suprised to hear this but the Number 1 injury we treat with Physiotherapy is Low Back Pain and Sciatica. Its so common you wouldn't believe it. Sure, you probably are less likely to suffer from it as a bit of a sportsperson but you can't dodge it all together. Not all of the time.

At Number 2 its good old, damn right persistent Plantar Fascitis. Have a look at this link if you want to read more about the condition.

Plantar Fascitis

Coming in at Number 3 in the TOP 5 Sports Injuries we see its...Patella Tendinopathy. Another stubborn and COMMON SPORTS INJURY. You may know it better as Runners Knee. This responds really well to Physiotherapy treatment and we have massive success in treating this.

Sneaking in at Number 4 its Achilles Tendonitis. Another completely nagging, frustrating and persistent injury that gets right in the way of doing the things you'd like to do.

Achilles Tendonitis

Fortunately we've got a solution to this that doesn't involve loads of rest and painkillers.

Luckily for you lot we don't see too many ruptured Achilles. But Francesca did diagnose one only last week, and we are sorry to hear that after the patient was sent off to A&E, its 10 weeks on crutches and in a cast up to the knee. Season over :-(

At joint Number 5 its got to be the acute and long term calf and hamstring strains. Both easily as common as each other from any explosive or repetitive sport.

These are the injuries we see time and time again at Straight Back Physio and have MASSIVE SUCCESS in treating with skilled Sports Physiotherapy treatments. And that's why we end up treating patients who have had previous failed treatments.

And how are we able to get you better? Because we treat outside of the box that is the treatment room, and get you in the gym and working hard.



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