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The Effect of Detraining

Stuart Fossella - Tuesday, December 19, 2017 | Comments (0)
Posted 1 year ago

So Christmas is coming and there is the temptation to down tools and give training a bit of a miss. We all have moments like this, don't we? But 'Detraining' can cause issues

Have a look at this well-written piece by Ozzy Physio Mick Hughes...

Load Management Part 2: The Effects of Detraining, Mick Hughes - Detraining

In simple terms, he correlated the Christmas break to a potential period of 'Detraining'.

A typical example of this that I see in the clinic is over a 2-week Xmas break, when the patient/athlete does nothing for 2 weeks and then resumes their normal training load prior to Xmas. They often will present with a soft-tissue or tendon " injury in mid-late January...

...Unfortunately, this is a very common presentation and an under-appreciated aspect of the patients/athletes strength and conditioning plan. And to be fair, you wouldn't think that taking 2 weeks off over Xmas would put you at a high risk of injury when you resume your "normal" training, but as you can see it does. It really, really does.

A real nice touch in Mick's piece is the link to the 'Choose Your Own Adventure Table.

Choose your Own Adventure

So try to hit a bit of a sweet spot and don't be the next victim of taking a break.

And remember in us over 30's ligaments and tendons really are more fragile, so look after them.

So have a read, enjoy, and Pick a great Christmas Adventure and be careful in re-engaging with exercise after 'Detraining'.

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