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The Best Advice and Apps for Back pain

Stuart Fossella - Tuesday, January 02, 2018 | Comments (0)
Posted 1 year ago

This has been one of the most popular and useful pieces we have posted. Find some simple techniques to help you treat your own back and neck pain using Some technology and simple good old-fashioned movement.

Simple and logical techniques to help, and help now.

So here’s to a New Year and a reminder about how you can help yourself right now.

Take a Break.

You know, and we know that back pain is a right pest, and we've already told you about the need to help yourself out by doing what you can to keep it under control.

So here is a little list of Apps and general advice that we like...

These Apps are little reminders that help you to basically get up and out of the office chair for a few moments during your working day.

So many of you end up engrossed in work that you might not get up from the desk from one hour to the next.

It's been previously been mentioned that:

Sitting as bad for you as smoking

Blimey, I've even heard of people who have slept in the office before because of deadlines! That's got to be some kind of comfy office chair you've got (and I don't believe that Occupational health has been that kind to order you in a bed).

So in order to stop looking like a 90-year old Tin Man when you get in and out of your work chair, get moving some more. Even just a little more…

Especially if you are suffering from a bad back or neck right now. One of your most useful weapons in recovering is to move and keep mobile. Simple stretching…keeping mobile and stretching help to minimise spine stiffness and muscle spasm - all of the things that often keep bad backs painful for longer.

I have to admit that today has been an admin day for me and my neck definitely did not enjoy sitting in front of a laptop at the dining room table - sure a desk and an adjustable table would have helped to find a more comfortable position - but nothing beats standing up and getting less desk and chair shaped!

In fact today's ‘fun’ admin day gave me a headache - good job I was able to take head of our own advice and Hack the Headache with this advice -

Headache Hacks

The crappy poky chin position of a chap or woman staring at a computer for hours at a time does nothing for anyone in the looks or posture stakes. It just adds stress to muscle and joints in the longer term - its why moving really is good for you.

There is a massive American Corporate company, you might have heard of them NIKE - they suggest you ‘just do it’ and I suggest you ‘keep doing it’ and get up and get more active- even during your working day - seriously.

There is a ton of other practical info on our site so have a bit more of a look in our Tips section for more advice. But have a look below to see how technology for the desktop and mobile could help you be more comfortable and productive on a day to day basis.

Have a little look through this little list, there has to be something that you like, and something that the IT Administrator will let you install!

1-Seriously just move

So if you have followed a little of previous advice you are already scheduling a walking break in the day, and now you can start the 3xhour desk giggle by simply standing up, having a stretch and getting back to it.

Have a look at the Healthy Break App over at the App store.

Or the Be Focused App - this works well for me

Be Focused


2-Yoga App

If you need some motivation to stretch or advice on stretching - have a look at this great free Yoga App - it's gentle and its exercise and it's surprisingly taxing physically.

Daily Yoga


3-The Pomodoro Technique

My particular favourite method is the Pomodoro, check that out, great Italian tomato sauce and time management :-) - which not only sees you get up and move but maybe even makes you more productive, WIN, WIN, WIN.

What is The Pomodoro Technique?

12of the Best Pomodoro Timer Apps

4) Walking Apps

Have I mentioned that walking is great for you? Yes I know I have so here's some great free Apps endorsed by the British heart Foundation.

Free Walking Apps


...and if you still want more technology, go to Apps have a little look at this list of other useful tools

Here is the List for you

The boss is going to love you this year...

  1. Less groaning about back pain
  2. More productive!
  3. and a happier you.


If you have decided that now is the time to do something about your own Back or neck Pain that just won't shift whatever you do - then find out how we can help you now. We would love to help you get off to a flier in the new year.

For a free chat with a Physio do give us a call - Right HERE

If you have enjoyed reading this piece and know of someone else who may find this or our previous pieces interesting please forward on details of our Blog.

Big Thanks :-)

Give us a Reply if you need any advice in the meantime.



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