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Sports Injury Update, The ACL - The What?

Sarah Fossella - Thursday, February 18, 2016 | Comments (0)
Posted 3 years ago

The ACL - Anterior Cruciate Ligament

The ski season is well underway and we have already had patients limping in to see us on crutches because of ACL injury.

We are NOT SURPRISED because apart from football and netball as a sport we don't see more ACL injuries from any other sporting activity.

What is the ACL then?

Its a vital ligament in the knee that essentially helps to stabilise the joint during dynamic movements, as per those involved in sport.

It is essential to resist the forces associated with rapid changes of direction.

This Little video provides a great visual understanding of its role:

Hopefully you can appreciate how important this ligament is to MAINTAIN CONTROL of the knee joint.

Which is why if you to tear the ligament in a ski injury, you will probably require RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY.

In my experience, this injury tends to come from the fact that the skier is not conditioned to the demands of this active form of holiday.

You can not expect to develop the muscular strength and control that skiing demands by having have a sedentary job and not exercising at any other time of the year!

That's a knee WAITING TO BLOW OUT on the piste.

So what can you do minimise the chance of picking up this serious sports injury?

Have a look at this link to some Sports Physio tips that you can take to at least give yourself a chance of avoiding this knee injury.

How to try and avoid skiing injuries

PS, You REALLY do not want to undergo reconstructive surgery. WHY?

Realistically you will be out of contact sport for 9 MONTHS and require an equal amount of Sports Physio, rehabilitation and time in the gym with us!

Take care, happy skiing


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