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Physiotherapy Vs Surgery + Knee Pain

Stuart Fossella - Thursday, March 21, 2013 | Comments (0)
Posted 6 years ago

Conservative Physiotherapy treatment Vs Surgery

Hot off the press...

Backing up the last Blog post, here is a study published only 3 days ago demonstrating the effect of Physio led rehabilitation Vs surgery in the treatment of meniscal tears and Osteoarthrits of the knee

If you are keen on reading scientific papers then here is your link New England Journal of Medicine.

If scientific papers are not really your thing, here is an easy to digest summary of the paper Surgery Vs Physiotherapy.

So if you have suffered a knee injury, and are put off at the thought of surgery-a decent rehabilitation action plan is all you need to get straight back to those activities you love. Have a look at our take on rehabilitation here Comprehensive Rehab.

Get in contact and find out how we can help you in your recovery Book an appointment.

Book in now for your Physio assessment and let us get you going again. Straight back to sport, work or just a regular pain free life style

Stuart & Sarah

Let's get you going again…Straight Back


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