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Stuart Fossella - Wednesday, February 08, 2017 | Comments (0)
Posted 2 years ago

Are we in the Gym or Treatment room today?

 Stretching in the gym

This got me thinking last week when a patient asked me if I spend more time with patients in the treatment room or the gym?

It's true and part of what makes us unique at Straight Back Physio - we get patients in the gym and rehabbing.

We believe in order to have the best outcome from injury whether that be a long-term back problem or running injury, or any other injury for that matter you ultimately need to get strong again!

And that's why you will find me, Sarah and Francesca doing rehab work with patients in the gym.

Sure we work with patients on the treatment couch in the treatment room, because we value the benefits of soft tissue release and joint manipulation.

Some of you need taping up for sure but we know the best results cone from a balanced approach to care, and that includes work inside and out of the treatment room.

Not all gym rehab is the hard effort, sweat inducing, muscle aching exercise.  Actually, more of it is about stretching and fine balance and control based corrective exercise!

But of course, we are only going to try to do what's right for you and what we as Physio and patient agree is required for you to achieve the best outcome in the long run. It's all we all want after all isn't it?

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