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Ski Injuries - preventative exercises

Stuart Fossella - Wednesday, January 17, 2018 | Comments (0)
Posted 1 year ago

Its that time of year again isn't it? Well lucky for you we've got you a great 10 minute workout that might mean the difference between a great ski trip or a nightmare 9-months

Not done the time of year when people have begun to give up on their New Years resolutions, after the excitement of Christmas and the new year has passed, but…

Serious knee injury time,
BLOWN Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) time,

Also known as Ski season…

I’ve seen a couple of ACL and Medial ligament injuries already this season.

It's not just a case of people skiing way out of control, but it can be.

Last year ski resorts apparently claimed a rise in ski-related injuries were caused by off Piste drinking!

But at times its other crazy skiers on the piste that you need to be careful of.

1 experienced skier just told me that it was a newbie getting off a lift that twisted her skis and after that, it was goodbye ACL, hello 9 months of rehab!!

So sometimes ski injuries and ‘blown out’ ACL’s can’t be helped but you should have a look at this great 10-minute video featuring Britains previous ski racing star Chemmy Alcott.

So what’s the deal with all of these exercises then?

Well, the idea behind the drills is to increase your leg strength and muscular endurance, fatigue resistance and balance and control so that your legs can handle a days skiing.

Skiing and snowboarding look serene but are really brutally demanding activities - that place huge strength, stamina and cardiovascular demands on the body.

So in an ideal world you will head out to the slopes being physically fit and strong and generally well conditioned.

Have a look at the video and take some of the advice on offer - there genuinely are some good exercises in their to follow.


So take the time to prepare your ski gear, sharpen the edges of your skis and maybe take the time to sharpen up your strength, balance, and control - and steer clear of other daft skiers if you can.

We love to help people Get Back to doing what they love in quick time. So if you are struggling with a sports injury what should you do next?







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