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Stuart Fossella - Thursday, August 25, 2016 | Comments (0)
Posted 3 years ago

This is Novel

 Man About To Run

Sports Injury Prevention

I saw a chap this week who runs fast, and he was keen for a REVIEW OF HIS RUNNING TECHNIQUE.

Nothing too unusual about that I hear you say. Or is there???

Let's call this man 'Steve'. He's just completed a half iron man without too much trouble.

He's historically had some knee pain on and off, but not enough to stop him from competing.

But this is where his story differs. You see...

So Steve has a place in the London marathon for next year based on good for age times:

Steve has done enough running to know that he is likely to end up slightly sore at some point of his training regime due to this ongoing knee niggle of his. Like I said, this isn't enough pain to stop him running, but its enough to get in the way of a good training regime and probably enough to mean he comes to see us for treatment pre-race (exactly what he doesn't want).

So...he's come to see us to have his running style reviewed to eliminate the problems that he has had in the past.

That's out of the norm and an intelligent move! - But Steve is an intelligent guy and a quick runner :-)

Already it's become apparent on quick review, that he has a potential irritation to the FAT PAD of the knee (yes we've even got lumps of fat in them nobbly knees).

And at quick glance there looks as though there are some factors in his stride and foot placement that we can work on with running GAIT Re-Education.

So the plan is to review his running in detail, and work on running gait retraining over a 6-week period to modify his foot placement and reduce his RUNNING KNEE PAIN & irritation and while were at it, we will try to improve his PB and save him some money!

Save him some money???

That's right. With any luck Steve will be running pain free because of his diligence, and we won't have to treat him in the build up to the London Marathon 2017.

Thus Ultimately saving his some money.

What's that old saying...prevention is better than cure.

Happy bank holiday weekend from the Team.

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