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Running Injuries and Gait Re-Education

Stuart Fossella - Monday, March 07, 2016 | Comments (0)
Posted 3 years ago

Running Gait Changes as a Sports Physio Treatment

Last week we were down in Bristol to take part in a great course run by Dr Christian Barton; Physiotherapist and self confessed geek and running injury researcher.

Christian runs his own practice in Australia and sees a huge proportion of injured runners make up his patient caseload.

He has published plenty of scientific papers demonstrating the beneficial effect that modifying running gait can have on injured runners.

Most of us think that when we run we look as graceful as Mo Farah. If truth be told we more likely look like a 'Slow, limping, kinda MoMo.'

The way in which we run can have a massive influence on persistent running related injury, and can help to continue to 'drive' injury.

Its no wonder that a huge number of runners continue to run in pain or GIVE UP running entirely because of niggling pain that won't disappear.

It turns out what we knew along at Straight Back Physio is true...That running gait plays a huge role in both running performance and injury.

For a while now we have been filming, analysing, advising and helping runners to identify potential causes of hip, knee, Achilles and foot related running injury.

Have a look at our 'sister' website for an idea about what we do when someone comes in for running analysis. We've said it before, its not all about the running shoes-sure they are important, but The WHOLE BODY runs.

Running Fx

So what can you do when you have a Running Injury?

All of the usual suspects will help, rest, ice, stretching, compression...But why not have a friend film you run past them, play it back in slow mo. What do you see??

To the untrained eye it all probably looks like a mess or arms and legs.

Unravel all of that, and you might just be staring at whats causing all of the nagging injury in the first place! You just didn't realise it.

Sports Physio, and running gait re-training...a method of fixing broken runners in Cheltenham.


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