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Pole Dancers chest pain

Stuart Fossella - Thursday, March 30, 2017 | Comments (0)
Posted 2 years ago

Chest Pain coming from the Back?

 Boy Lifting Arm

When Chest pain comes from the Back

So things come along in 3's right, just like London Buses.

In the last week alone I've seen 3 patients complaining of Chest pain that’s actually coming from the back.

You see the ribs attach from the spine to the front of the chest wall, curving around the chest.

Because of this curve and path that nerves and muscles run, pain can be sent from the back to the front of the body.

Just like sciatica is pain that is sent from the back down the leg, you can have pain that comes from the back but is actually felt in the chest!

Have a look at the following link for a review of the anatomy of the ribs and link to the spine.

The following link provides a 3D image of the Spine & Ribs hopefully allowing you to visualise how the pain may be felt in the chest Healthline Healthline

Hopefully it makes sense how pain can be sensed around and in the chest. Although the pain is felt here, perhaps more than the back its actually the back that needs the care and attention.

The last 3 people with this pain seemed to get it from:

  • 1) Not sure how.
  • 2) A tennis shot.
  • 3) From pole dancing (for fitness).

As with most treatment techniques, the aim of treatment is to minimise inflammation with ice and relative and rest etc and then restore full movement in the spine, and add strength to the area to maximise the outcome and reduce the risk of an injury recurrence!

Simple when you know whats going on.

But that's why we are here, so Bring us your problems :-)

Stay safe, and be careful the next time you are flying around the Pole dancing pole - great for fitness I hear.

You know where we are - and we’d love to help you out if we can.

If a colleague, partner or friend may find this piece useful, we’d love it if you passed it on to them to read.

The Team at Straight Back


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