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Pilates and Physiotherapy

Sarah Fossella - Thursday, July 21, 2016 | Comments (0)
Posted 3 years ago

Francesca is trained in Pilates

Because she's Hard-CORE

Not everyone can hop under the Squat Rack for there rehab, we know that and Francesca knows that. It's why she uses Pilates with her Physio treatments.

If you’re suffering with aches and pains from injuries to your back, neck or shoulder, or just wanting to avoid them, then Physio & Pilates is a useful place to start.

Pilates is now widely regarded as one the best ways to tone up weak muscles and give support to your back, neck and shoulder joints.

If you would like to ask Francesca anything about how Pilates can help then call on 01242 802365 / 07940 102905


Email Francesca directly on:





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