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Stuart Fossella - Wednesday, June 19, 2013 | Comments (0)
Posted 6 years ago
Rehab drills on Bosu ball

Stop, Collaborate & Keep going & Going & Going

Well it's been threatening to rear it's pretty self for a while now and for this week at least it is here. That big yellow thing in the sky really has popped out I've seen some lobster pink people in clinic and its not a pretty sight. Please get the factor 30+ out and use it!

The return of the sunshine made our daughters 1st birthday last weekend a day to behold (where has the first year gone?) Sharing the occasion with the family was made even more special being able to actually laze around outside on the lawn on the obligatory rug. Birthday cake and fun toys all round.

Hopefully those of you who wanted to, have timed your exercise regime to perfection this year-all the hard work has paid off and you can now show off the hard body you have been working to achieve with your personal trainer.

We consider ourselves lucky over here at Straight Back Physiotherapy because we work closely and in conjunction with some skilled personal trainers at the gym. This collaboration benefits you the patient because surely at the 'end of the day' we are both looking to help you achieve optimum health and function.

As Physiotherapists we are assessing with anatomy, biomechanics and an understanding of pathology in mind to diagnose irregular movement patterns, joint restrictions and soft tissue irregularities to diagnose causes of pain.

The personal trainers that we work with we trust. We trust them because with a patients consent we are able to liaise and determine your best course of treatment. The collaboration has to be useful to you the patient right?

If you are working with a personal trainer but struggling with pain or certain exercise perhaps it's because you would benefit from an adjunct to the work you are already undertaking. Pain or restricted movement generally means you have an underlying issue that needs addressing-a Physiotherapists speciality.


We understand what our limitations are as Physiotherapists at Straight Back Physiotherapy. We don't claim to be Strength and conditioning coaches and we never will. But when your body is ready for it, and corrective exercise is no longer enough for you, we will refer you over to the right trainer for you. We don't believe in being nearly right again. We want you completely cured fit and strong and able to self manage.

We do this because we are forging a reputation for great treatment and service. We want to do what is right by you the patient. If you are seeing a Physiotherapist that doesn't want to do the same then perhaps you should consider the treatment that you are getting. Something has gone amiss somewhere.

Remember we as Physiotherapists and personal trainers are all looking to achieve the same outcome of client health and well being. Working in conjunction with each other here at Straight Back Physiotherapy we can achieve your goals. In this case 2 is definitely better than 1. A client win win situation. You can't get much better than that.

Looking for a treatment session then contact us for a consultation Book yourself in.

P.S. Take care, they say there is more sun on the way...doubt it


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