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Physiotherapy advice for new runners

Stuart Fossella - Sunday, November 29, 2015 | Comments (0)
Posted 4 years ago


Up & Running Workshop

Stretching and training - The Cheltenham Challenge

Back in the summer we wrote a series of pieces for the Cheltenham Challenge and because its the time of year that will see many people decide to take up running, we thought we would direct you to these articles.

Hopefully you will find some useful information that may help you if you do decide to take up running in the next few weeks.

Better still why not aim to enter one of the many events on offer at the Cheltenham Challenge

The Cheltenham Challenge

Physio advice Part 1 Physio advice The Cheltenham Challenge - Part 1.

Physio advice Part 2 Physio advice The Cheltenham Challenge - Part 2.

If you are keen for even more Physio advice on running related injuries have a look at the great site - Running Physio produced by Tom Goom Toms site

Have a close look and you will see that we are included on the list of recommended running friendly Physio clinics Tom Recommends Straight Back Physio


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