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Physio Cheltenham - Ankle Sprain - blog post image

Physio Cheltenham - Ankle Sprain

Stuart Fossella - Wednesday, October 10, 2018 | Comments (0)
Posted 9 months ago

Sprained Ankles...

How to make sure you don't roll your ankle any time soon

Some of the Biggest issues I have found with Ankle Sprains over the years is that people simply don't rehab enough, at all or hard enough. There I said it.

So this is for you if you have ever had an ankle sprain and still don't trust your ankle and your ability to keep balanced.

For an uber geeky look at what a Sprained ankle is all about check this page out

Get Geeky Here

Rehab it, and make sure you can trust your ankle

Follow these simple exercises and get yourself going again.

Sparained Ankle Rehab, advice here - VIDEO here

Any issues or questions please give us a shout.


Get in touch if you are the person already struggling with any Injury - Stay Well





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