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New Years Training

Stuart Fossella - Tuesday, December 20, 2016 | Comments (0)
Posted 3 years ago

Not just another Happy Christmas message? -


Training in the New Year - Tips

I was asked this question just the other day by a patient. the actual email read:

"Stuart - What are your top tips for avoiding injury during marathon training?"

Jenny - Glos

There is so much information that I could have provided Jenny with on this subject such as the standard advice on:

  • Easing into increased mileage.
  • Making sure the running shoes are comfy and fit well.
  • Resting well between training sessions and making sure to hydrate well etc etc
  • To do some training around the running that isn't running.

By that I mean, do some cross training - try the cross trainer to give the ankles a rest or have a go on a spin bike.

Try some Yoga / Pilates to aid in core strength and body flexibility.

But…My No 1 piece of advice to Jenny was...

To do some STRENGTH TRAINING to compliment all of the above.


Because Runners love to run and typically don't or won’t do a lot else (I said typically, not all).

The only method of training that might help to avoid injury is Strength Training. Strength adds resilience to muscles - and the one thing that running really does…is challenge muscles to the max!

Especially running marathons. If the average runner runs with a cadence of 160 steps / minute and they run for 4.25hrs - that's 40, 800 steps in a race / run. That’s a fair bit of force thrown through the hips, knees and ankles.

Think about that - that’s a lot of effort placed on the muscles, tendons and joints. So it only makes sense to keep these structures as strong as possible.

You wouldn't make a motorway out of sand and grit if you wanted it to last, you’d make it out of Tarmac right? So get laying some tarmac in yourself and get strong!

Just the other day I read this piece by a Sponsored Ultra Runner and Physical Therapist (That’s a Physio to us here in the UK).

Check it out…It’s not a one size fits all prescription but its a good place to start your strength training:

Lift to Last>>>

And for a cheeky visual summary of The effectiveness of Exercise Interventions to prevent Sports Injuries check this out:


Oh, but my absolute - NO 1 Tip for avoiding injury in Marathon training is...

To get current injuries and niggles checked out - there really is no point in training or beginning to train with an injury - you wont get far carrying an injury.


We’ve got a Special Offer for the New Year…a £99 Comprehensive review of your running technique, foot and knee placement by video to assess your current injuries or risk of injury…There isn't a better way to fix a running related injury - so you can run pain free again.

Check Out Running FX-->>>


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