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New Years Resolution

Stuart Fossella - Wednesday, January 04, 2017 | Comments (0)
Posted 2 years ago

Some New Years Advice for You-

 Person Walking

Keeping your Back Tip Top

So Low Back Pain is without a doubt one of the main conditions we treat at Straight Back Physio

And if there is one, just one piece of advice that I can give you to keep that ache at bay it's...

To schedule in a regular walk during your day!

Yes as simple as that.

I wont suggest anything more radical than that, as a starting point to helping you to clearing up your own Back Pain.

I'm not suggesting it will be the ultimate cure to any niggle you may be 'carrying', but its a good place to start helping yourself.

Lots of us commute by car or bus now and driving or reading on a bus each day can be enough to set off those aches and pains.

Not all of us have manual jobs, and its been mentioned before that sitting at work can be as bad for your health as smoking!!

Sitting as bad for you as smoking

So do yourself a favour and if you only do one thing this new year to help keep your back supple and moving - Get up and schedule a walking break into your day.

Maybe make it habit to walk at lunch time, get some fresh air in the lungs. Or perhaps when you park the car on the drive of an evening go for a 15 minute brisk stroll before you get in through the front door to slide into the slippers.

Its just and idea, but maybe now with the new year, its time to make a resolution to get a little more active - for the sake of your Back if nothing else.

PS Happy New Year from the Stuart, Sarah and Francesca

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