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Mechanical Back Pain

Stuart Fossella - Sunday, February 03, 2013 | Comments (0)
Posted 6 years ago

Oh the Snow, and the reminder it was here…

The last couple of weeks have seen a rise in the amount of people suffering with ‘mechanical’ low back pain presenting to Straight Back Physiotherapy. This is back pain that is associated with movement, hence the term mechanical.

I put this down to various factors, but one thing the people of Cheltenham seemed to have been doing in common is… shovelling snow.

People have been doing their neighbours a good turn by clearing the white, potentially hazardous stuff. Only to end up doing themselves a mischief, leaving them with acute back pain.

What really seems to have driven this onset of back pain is that people simply are not used to shovelling like this. If the clearing was an unaccustomed activity, by that we mean something that you don’t generally do-then the body, and the back in particular is not trained or prepared for the essentially new activity. Low and behold the joints and muscles of the back feel the pressure and ‘give out’ becoming strained and sore.

Most people would probably agree that if you had not trained for a marathon, you would find it extremely difficult to run 26 miles pain free, right?? The snow shovelling example we have just mentioned relies upon near enough the same ‘mechanism’. The body is simply un-prepared for the task!!

Back pain responds very well to Physiotherapy treatment and our input really does get people going again quicker than they realised would be possible. So if you are suffering, then don’t put up with your symptoms, call us and book an appointment here at Straight Back Physiotherapy Book an appointment.

We will be only too happy to help you back to full health, fitness and function.

In the unlikely event that you really have done yourself some harm. Then we know the correct people to refer you on to. Within Cheltenham and Gloucestershire we are extremely lucky to have access to some great services for the diagnosis and management of more serious spine injury.

The one stop Spine Clinic is the place to get your back or neck reviewed and your options discussed with a Consultant all within the space of a few hours. Check it out Cheltenham Spine Clinic.

Have a great week and take care of your spine.

Stuart & Sarah


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