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Marathon Training in Cheltenham

Stuart Fossella - Sunday, February 24, 2013 | Comments (0)
Posted 6 years ago
Runners competing in an event

Marathon training and injury

Please note - This is not a training guide, and I am not going to tell you how you should be training. There is more than enough advice out on the web. And besides if you are not a good way through your schedule now, there could be trouble ahead!

It seems like everyone is at it, ‘training for London.’ Everywhere you turn there is another hardy soul pounding out the miles, and all for a good cause.

  • Charity first and foremost.
  • With view to achieving a personal goal and overcoming the challenge.
  • And many more reasons to run the gruelling 26 and 385yds I’m sure.

Well from the Physiotherapy perspective it’s about now that things start to get interesting. As the folk start to ramp up the miles, crank up the speed endurance training and look to improve anaerobic capacity the body will often but not always take a swipe back at its owner and cause you mental anguish as the niggles start to rear their ugly heads.

Statistics suggest that between 19-83 per cent of recreational runners will sustain a running related injury and that means it could be you next. Of course there are various reason why anyone sustains an injury:

  • Overuse.
  • Natural anatomical deficiencies or those that are acquired through adaptation after injury.
  • Poor or inappropriate equipment such as of course footwear.
  • Or simply because of previous injuries that have not fully resolved.

My own personal experience of treating folk involved in endurance based events has shown me that the balance between training and your rest and recovery really has to be met. If you continue to ‘flog’ the injured or niggling body then chances are, it will eventually let you down.

We have seen it in runners, ski instructors coming towards the end of their 10- week intense instructor courses, and in those persons involved in ‘hard core’ training in order to shed weight.

Previous injuries that have not been properly rehabilitated will ‘find you out’ when you are involved in dedicated and intensive training of any kind. Running is hard on the bodies. I’m sure all of you have read articles on how towards the end of a marathon the body begins to break itself down in order to maintain the energy required to keep going.

So don’t end up blowing 20+ weeks of training because you chose to neglect a previous injury. If you are in any doubt about an injury, do get in touch-you have a personal goal to achieve, challenge to conquer and a charity who is relying on you.

Physiotherapy treatment and our input really does get people going again quicker than they realised would be possible. So if you are suffering, and need an injury diagnosing and managing, call us and book an appointment here at Straight Back Physiotherapy Book an appointment.

If you are really concerned about your injury and conservative treatment has failed, you are in serious luck. Just down the road from our treatment room you can find an accomplished sports physician in Dr Rod Jaques. Have a read about him here Dr Rod Jaques’s sports injury clinic


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