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Knee Pain in Squatting

Stuart Fossella - Thursday, June 23, 2016 | Comments (0)
Posted 3 years ago

Knee Pain at the Cheltenham Challenge

We were at the Cheltenham Challenge at the weekend and met some old friends of Straight Back Physio, so it was great to see you all - running for fun or to set a PB.

I'm not sure that there will have been many PB's set as you runners tell me the course was thick with mud, and you generally had the mud on the legs to prove it.

But hey Cheaper than entering a tough Mudder. Now there's an alternative marketing piece for the organisers of the event, hey Cordell :-)

The feedback from those we spoke to was all positive, and the Challenge has the vibe of a family friendly event.

Anyway...Sarah and I were armed with our treatment couches and our new banner and it was great to be able to give some Sports Injury advice to those of you carrying niggles.

We are pretty good at what we do - even if I do say so myself, but a 2 minute assessment isn't really time to accurately diagnose an injury and that's why we give you 45 minutes + in the clinic setting.

Here's Sarah offering some advice on a 3-month old foot related injury (She's a rock star).


Anyway...We were asked a great question by a young lady who has found a love for Olympic weightlifting. To keep things simple this means doing some free weight exercises with the 20kg Olympic Barbell.

She told us that she finds it hard to keep her knees and Ankles aligned when she drops into a deep squat and found that too much 'lifting' caused her Knee Pain. She wondered what she could do to prevent this?

Now, less than 5 minutes of chatting in a car park really doesn't do this ladies problem any justice but...

We asked her to show us a deep squat there and then...and what we saw was a classic pattern of movement -

Knees knocking together at the bottom of the squat and inside edge of the foot collapsing down.

Have a look at this - A study by Bell in 2008 highlights this position:



Well imagine if you had 50kg, 60kg or 70Kg or more on your back or over your head - do those knees look like they are stable enough to handle that load?

You might end up with some decent Knee Pain if you stress them like that.


From a mechanical point of view it's a potential recipe for Front of the knee pain, Knee Cartilage damage and Cartilage tears, IT band syndrome and plenty more.

That Knee position makes me think of a pestle and mortar - with the thigh bone grinding down on the structures of the knee causing Knee Pain and damage - Not nice.

So what can you do about it?

Consider muscle imbalance around the hip - Think Clamshell exercises for strength gains and consider:

Ankle stiffness or conversely excessive ankle mobility causing the foot to collapse.

The lady who asked us about her knee control had ankle surgery some time back after snapping a tendon - Ouch - So in her case it looks as though the issue of the knees was 'coming from' the ankles!!

Strangely just today in clinic I had a patient who displayed this pattern of a lack of control around the ankles and knees - check out this link.

Showing her before and after knee control -


All after 10 minutes of coaching - Goodbye Knee grinding!!! and maybe Goodbye Knee Pain and further internal damage!




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Or click here:

http://www.straightbackphysio.co.uk/sports ->


Give us a Reply if you need any advice in the meantime.



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