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Knee Injuries in Netball

Sarah Fossella - Saturday, July 02, 2016 | Comments (0)
Posted 3 years ago

Knee Pain in Netball and Prevention

This amazing article on Netball related knee pain and injury prevention was shown to me by a well meaning patient this week.

We treat loads of netball players and know that it's a super popular sport amongst Cheltenham and Gloucestershire. Off the top of my head I can think of more than a handful of previous patients who have been to see us with Knee Injuries picked up in Netball.

I can also think of loads of you who not only play but are umpires or coaches of local teams.

One thing I have definitely noticed among the Netballers out there is how determined you lot are to stay on the court. The amount of times I've had to tape limbs back on is unreal!

And even though I recommend that you lay off the Netball for a few weeks for your own good...I know that you don't listen to that advice very often :-)

It seems to be one of those super popular sports that the older Athlete 26yrs of age + seem to get back into after perhaps leaving it behind in school many years ago.

One of the most devastating knee injuries associated with Netball is Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) damage. We have covered this kind of injury enough times already in previous Blog pieces and they can be found:


In fact the frequency of injury associated with Netball is actually joked about by the esteemed sports medicine doctor Peter Brukner. He suggests that netball was a game "invented by an orthopaedic surgeon", due to the strain it places on the knee.

"Basically that action of quickly running then stopping and pivoting places high amounts of pressure on the anterior cruciate ligament," he said. "Because the players are jumping and landing awkwardly there is quite a high incidence of ACL surgery compared to other sports."


Well this great resource developed by The Australian Institute of Sport - The Knee Program goes a long way to assist in the prevention of disastrous knee injuries.


The information is relevant for juniors, recreational and elite athletes alike.

The take home advice is to:

  • Undertake appropriate fitness programs with a focus on netball exercises to develop strength, agility and flexibility, especially of muscles around the ankles and feet.
  • Training should Incorporate specific netball exercises in training focusing on enhancing body balance, landing control, change of direction and catching passes.

If you have any interest in playing Netball or coaching it, you really need to grab this free to all guide, and help yourself and teammates avoid Netball related Knee Injuries.

PS - The Rehab of Sporting Knee Injuries is what we do here at Straight Back Physio.

PPS...We've put together this resource of our own to help you with your own Sports Injury

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