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Commuting - Im Lucky - I know... - blog post image

Commuting - Im Lucky - I know...

Stuart Fossella - Wednesday, June 08, 2016 | Comments (0)
Posted 3 years ago

My Neck Pain, Her Back Pain - Our Back Pain Report

Commuting over the bank holiday period got me thinking…Deadly I know.

So, a trip back down to Brighton to see the family resulted in the obligatory bank holiday nightmare traffic. I thought I was being clever coming back to Cheltenham on the Tuesday am.

Well it wasn't to be…

It was raining cats and dogs down South after a great weekends weather, and this caused an almighty build up of traffic all the way along the M23, M25 and M4 - deep joy.

Well a 2.5 hr car journey suddenly became +4 hrs - which set off a few days worth of neck pain for me and some low back pain for Sarah.

What’s going on then?

Well…unaccustomed activity can lead to the onset of pain and dysfunction as we stress joints and muscles in ways in which we usually don't in a day to day basis - we have mentioned this in relation to sport in some of our other Blog posts (have a look at some of the other useful bits of info we've created here)

Find the Injury Info here

In the same way that ‘diving’ straight into a hectic sports routine has the potential to cause damage to joints and muscles, so does sitting for the equivalent of half a working day (the exact opposite of sport = Inactivity).

Some of you may have read in the press recently that sitting can be as bad for your health as smoking!!

Seems to be a bit of an exaggeration you might think?

But check out this BBC piece to shed a little more light on whats mentioned.

BBC News Piece Here - Sitting as bad for you as smoking

Motion is lotion...

Lotion to our joints that is -

The spine is made up of 33 bones that have a total of 76 joints.

That's 76 joints that can and should move freely - sitting for extended periods of time allows these to seize somewhat, not in a permanent way, but in a way that can go on to cause pain and discomfort. Just like what Sarah and I felt in the car last week.

Combine inactivity with an unusual pillow and mattress for 3-4 nights and hey presto - I got myself a ‘bad’ back or neck.

Sure its not going to last forever, but it can last a few weeks or months if you are unlucky.

So get active, keep active, and above all else...

If Back or Neck pain is troubling you get some help!

PS…A really good place to start if you do have Back pain is to start some simple exercising, have a look at the exercises below.

These stretches may not be enough on their own (we’ve found through years of experience in treating back and neck pain that the hands on treatments in conjunction with exercise work best)...

So I had a dose of neck pain, but Im lucky - Why???

Because fortunately I have the knowledge to know how to help myself in exactly this kind of situation, and of course…

I can call upon my brilliant wife to give me Physio treatment on my neck (I only ever ask for this when she doesn't want to wring my neck :-)

Here's some exciting info for you. 

We've got this great new report for anyone suffering from BACK PAIN - COMING SOON

For more tips on easing back pain like this, here’s free special report with 7 top tips on how to avoid back pain…


Give us a Reply if you need any advice in the meantime.



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