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How to massively improve your Injury

Stuart Fossella - Thursday, February 16, 2017 | Comments (0)
Posted 2 years ago
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Here’s a little piece of advice for you based upon the most common thing we see time and time again.

If your injury, pain, HAS NOT healed itself in 6-8 weeks then it probably isn’t going to, really!

I hate to break that news to you but it’s just good old honest advice that I’m offering out.

The most consistent thing we hear (and I hear it every day) is that pain and discomfort can be put up with.

But when the annoying Back, Knee or Shoulder pain has gone on for so long it’s boring and getting in the way of health and happiness and fun - then that’s when people seek out our services.

So just a little reminder for you.

Help yourself… If it's not cleared up in 6-8 weeks it honestly probably won’t - maybe it's time to stop crossing the fingers and hoping for better health, happiness and fun?


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