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Headache hacks

Stuart Fossella - Monday, November 27, 2017 | Comments (0)
Posted 2 years ago

Does Christmas give you a headache? If so it's not only you who suffers! Have a look and see if any of our Headache Hacks might help you

Red wine, beer, spirits they can all cause headaches, but did you know that the spine and muscular tension can all also be the cause of headaches?

There are a good few of these popping in to see us at the moment - sure there are those people who do have stiff necks and muscular tension when we examine the spine but I also wonder if it's all to do with the time of year… you see at this time of the year people are trying to hit business targets and generate sales before the end of the year. Busy families are scurrying around, perhaps worrying about how things will pan out over the Christmas period - with families coming to town. It doesn't matter what the external stress is, when it comes it can enhance underlying physical issues.

So…if you already have a slightly stiff neck or are carrying some muscular tension then these external stresses can multiply the physical effects and cause an increase in headaches. We meet people who have regular and daily headaches - they are almost as reliable as the Swiss rail system. It might be that every afternoon at 3 pm whilst sat at the desk the headache gradually develops - creeping in behind the right eye or left side of the head. the mugginess that accompanies this means an afternoon of poor productivity and output - exactly the opposite of what anyone wants. So whats going on then?

The top 3 joints of the neck are vulnerable to developing stiffness, this might be due to posture - computer set up in the wrong place, or injury like whiplash or overuse - like when we have a lot of ceilings to paint. All of these activities have the potential to irritate the joints and muscles of the spine - when these symptoms are not addressed then there can be an ongoing issue.

A lot of these neck issues clear up well on there own with no extra help other than a few Paracetamol. But when they don't life becomes a bore. So what can you do to hack the headaches and clear the fuzziness?

Our Top 7 Hacks to ease Headaches

  1. Our favourite tip and most ugly one is to perform the double chin exercise - seriously, try it at home and out of view of anyone who might ridicule you - simply pretend you are pulling away from a kiss. Keep the head upright, and pull backward! Try that for 12-15 - you might want to have a go every hour or so.
  2. If you are a desk jockey - have another stand up and walk around. Get that pokey chin tucked back in - standing up can do this in a flash. You don’t see too many people walking around looking like they are staring at a computer monitor (that’s the pokey chin posture).
  3. A hot or cold pack can be really soothing - 10 minutes under the hot or cold can be awesome at easing the pain.
  4. If stress is the underlying cause of your issues then try and give yourself some headspace. Take a walk, meditate, take some exercise. Do anything that makes you feel good. Sometimes you need to come first.
  5. Stick a couple of tennis balls in a sock (so they don't run away) and have a lie down on your back - and stick the sock and balls under the base of the skull on either side of the head - give it 5-10 minutes.
  6. Have a gentle stretch of the neck - stretch the back of the neck by pulling the chin down on the chest. Try the sideways stretch and reach over the side of the head and gently pull the ear towards the shoulder. Try and hold for 5-10 seconds.
  7. Keep hydrated - sometimes a headache is just a headache and could be caused because you haven't drunk enough water. Too much caffeine although recently claimed to be awesome for health does cause dehydration - as do ‘Christmas drinkies’. So keep hydrated.

Why caffeine is so good for you Time magazine

So there may be a lot of seasonal headaches approaching but sometimes headaches don't clear up on their own.

Try the above hacks, but if you have ongoing issues, you might want to see if Physiotherapy treatment on the neck might work for you. Us helping to get your neck moving better and more freely with Acupuncture and spinal manipulation might be all that’s missing from your self-help regime.

Contact us today, and see how Straight Back Physio can help to transform your day.


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