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Just get Strong

Stuart Fossella - Saturday, October 28, 2017 | Comments (0)
Posted 2 years ago

Do you want to know the top tip I learnt from a dentist? - Get stronger...

The top tip prompted by the Dentist

 Dumb Bells

What the dentist told me



It sounds like a Carry on film I know but roll with me. If you have ever been to a Sports Medicine expert chances are they ask you to get stronger or rest. But believe me, when the rest is over it will be time to get stronger - No doubt about it.

They will ask you to get Stronger:

Stronger to come back from injury.

Stronger to get over a persistent injury.


To overcome any kind of sports injury, chance are you need to get stronger!

Think about it, what’s not good in life that’s strong?

You need a strong heart and lungs to function in general.

Strong bones are better than bones that aren’t strong.

Strong foundations are better than foundations made of mud and silt.

I think I got the point across when the dentist pointed out…Strong teeth are better than ones that are full of decay and holes.

In short, get over your injury by getting, well you guessed it…STRONG.


So if you want to try anything yourself, start it now and start by getting stronger.

If you must rest, then rest up - but then get strong.

If you need more info on what needs strengthening or on how to do it - we are free to speak on 01242 802365 | 07940 102905.

If email is more your thing then hit us up. We are always happy to discuss your issues before we even meet you in person. In fact, we think its better this way.

Contact us here

You know where to find us.

And please feel free to share this with anyone you think might find it useful :-)


If you’d like more quick tips like this to help ease Sports Injuries, visit our website where you can download my free tips guide instantly: http://www.straightbackphysio.co.uk/sports


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