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Exercises For Skiing

Sarah Fossella - Thursday, February 02, 2017 | Comments (0)
Posted 2 years ago

Some tips for you - Pre Ski trip


We're always trying to help out, so have a quick look at this one if you are planning on going on a Ski trip anytime this winter.

Stuart and I have worked in ski resorts and seen first hand what can happen to by going out on that week long trip unprepared...

Never again will we see the same number of 'blown' out knees as we did in our time during a ski season in New Zealand.

But what it has taught us is that you really cant do too much strength and balance training before your trip - honestly you can't.

So please do yourself a favour and get strong and balanced in the legs before you go...

You really don't want to be doing 6 months of Physio Rehab to strengthen and balance the legs after knee surgery-really you don't.

Have a look at this piece, it will do as a starting point for developing control over your bandy legs before your holiday.


Advice on getting Ski Fit and Ready

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