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Stuart Fossella - Sunday, April 14, 2013 | Comments (0)
Posted 6 years ago
Bright Sunshine

One Step Closer, one foot in front of the other

A change in the clocks, a bit of sunshine, some warmth in the air, and the world seems like a better place. Doesn’t it?

I personally can’t wait to use the longer evenings to get out of town, on the hills and cycling. A bit of bike maintenance took place this weekend, a new set of brake blocks, and a deep clean was required. It’s amazing what kind of road goo you pick up on the winter commute.

A bit more of a professional service at Cheltenham cycles and the steel horse will be good for a summer of sweat and toil Cheltenham Cycles.

We heard from some patients this week that we had sent off to the surgeons for their opinion regarding knee injuries. Like we suspected, a diagnosis of cartilage (meniscal) tear and Bakers cyst was made.

Unfortunately key-hole surgery is indicated for a ‘tidy up’. But at least after a good rehabilitation, everyday activity will be pain free and sport will be resumed.

A cartilage tear in the knee is surprisingly common. For more information have a look at the link Meniscal tear.

Not only do we diagnose this injury in clinic, we also see a lot of patients post operatively for their rehabilitation. With correct treatment we would expect to see patients return to gentle sport in 6-8 weeks after surgery. Not bad if you think about the long-term outcome rather than the short-term difficulties that surgery unavoidably brings.

So spring has nearly sprung and it feels a little like harvest time… or it should for those of you who have been marathon training. It’s nearly time to reap the rewards of all of the hard training, long runs and aching limbs.

If you have been training then I don’t need to tell you that running serious mileage hurts! There are plenty of folk like you who are booking in for some final minute preparation, whether it be some sports massage for soft tissue release or some Kinesio taping for pain relief. We are here to help and do our part to help you to get through your chosen event.

Contact us for a consultation Book yourself in.

During the last few miles of your event when things get tough, remember…the weather is on the turn, the evenings are getting warmer, longer and lighter.

And your next challenge is just around the corner.

Good luck to everyone out there who is running a marathon in the near future.

PS, Just a little reminder…we don’t just treat sports people. We are here to help everyone get back to a regular and pain free lifestyle.


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