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Blooming Flowers and Back Pain

Stuart Fossella - Sunday, May 19, 2013 | Comments (0)
Posted 6 years ago
Bright Flowers

Blooming Flowers

The sun is trying to peep from behind the clouds and the flowers are starting to pop up here there and everywhere. So for some of us who like to TRY and those of you who are pros…its time to show those green fingers and get potting!

However, we as Physiotherapists know that gardening can be a hazardous activity! The most common complaint being back pain. So here are a few words of advice to help you look after your back and make any increase in activity as pain free as possible.

Back problems are common and are in fact one of the most frequent complaints that we see in the Physiotherapy clinic. Repeated bending or sustaining a bent position while working in the flowerbeds for a period of time has the potential to aggravate and stress both the muscles and the joints of the low back in particular.

Really overdoing things may cause disc related injury, often leading to the dreaded disc bulge and Sciatica.

A disc bulge is far more common than you might have realised. For more information have a look at the link Sciatica/Disc bulge.

Lifting soil, heaving watering cans or digging the flowerbeds are activities that can cause symptoms, but in reality most DIY tasks can cause the onset of unwanted back pain.

By altering your position, taking breaks regularly and drinking plenty of fluids you are giving yourself a good start at preventing an injury.

When lifting remember to bend your knees and keep your back relatively straight, trying at all times not to lean out too far, particularly into deep beds. Evidence shows that the most stress you can place on your spine comes with a combined bending and twisting motion. So be aware and be careful!

Tools with longer handles such as forks or trowels reduce your need to stretch. Lifting heavy watering cans can be an accident waiting to happen, so although it may take a little longer, try half filling the can instead to make your load lighter.

Stop if an activity hurts your back and do consult us here at Straight Back Physiotherapy if you need treatment or are unsure what type of exercise is appropriate for you.

Looking for a treatment session then contact us for a consultation Book yourself in.

Remember to take things at your own pace, enjoy your garden, and fingers crossed for a brilliant British summer of bedding plants in bloom and BBQs!

P.S. Take care, there is another Bank Holiday just around the corner-perfect gardening and DIY time!


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