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My Degenerate Bank Holiday Weekend

Stuart Fossella - Thursday, May 26, 2016 | Comments (0)
Posted 3 years ago
 Relaxing in the garden

Bank Holiday Knee Woes

It’s very nearly the bank holiday - in my experience this means 1 or 2 things:

1) Cue rain and

2) Cue pain (from gardening, DIY or Cider Fests!)

That’s pessimistic isn't it I hear you groan?

Well let me explain a little more...

Its that time of year when there are more and more people diving into the garden to tidy things up, more runs to the tip and more kneeling to reach the flower beds.

Just this week I’ve seen 2 EXTREME garden injuries ☺

I’ve seen KNEE PAIN, with a likely torn knee cartilage due to scurrying around in the lawn, and an episode of NECK PAIN associated with digging and planting.

So what is going on?

Gardening a fairly passive and sedate kind of activity isn’t it?

Well that’s not the case, because the patients we see here at Straight Back are extreme gardeners!

I don’t mean that you garden while juggling flaming fire poles or that you ‘bed plants’ by somersaulting from the nearest apple tree.

I mean extreme in the sense that you lot seem to do gardening for hours at a time.

You lot seem to go MAD at it.

There doesn’t seem to be the obligatory pausing for a cool drink or a mug of tea among you lot... Its head down and bash on.

I know, we all love to get a job done but here's the thing...

Unfortunately as we age we actually become more fragile ☹ Our joints are a bit more sensitive and no one like to hear it, but body parts become degenerate - especially in the knee.

(That’s why lots of us will end up having a knee replacement in older age).

Now we have mentioned the Meniscus of the knee in other posts and if you want some nice images and info about it, have a look at this:

Find the piece here

The Meniscus is a shock absorbing fibrous piece of cartilage and we have 2 in each knee.

As we age the outer edge of these becomes fragile and prone to damage.

When we kneel and twist and turn on the bent knee - we squash and pull, and put pressure on the entire structure.

(Not to mention the direct pressure on the hard cartilage on the under surface of the Knee cap- that also degenerates naturally with age ☹).

And it’s this kind of sustained pressure of kneeling that can ultimately cause the cartilage to become torn and then cause knee pain.

So what we’re getting at for all of you out there is this…

Knee pain doesn’t need to come about because of a BIG ACCIDENT.

It’s often the most innocuous of Bank Holiday weekend activities that cause the most bother.

If you have a ‘puffy’ or swollen knee and pain when you bend it, you may have some internal damage to the knees internal workings.

So here's our advice to take care of yourself this weekend...

Go steady on the whole –

1) Pace your activities (Check out the couple in the image above, they looked quite relaxed).

2) Remember too much gardening can also aggravate the back and neck.

3) Take regular hydration breaks (Balance out the G&Ts with some H20 breaks ☺).

4) Why not get out of doing the gardening or DIY for a while, and check out some of the local and festivals.

5) And make sure you have the brolly handy, just in case it teams down.

Have a good one, from us over at Straight Back HQ.



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