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Back Pain - Sports Injury

Sarah Fossella - Tuesday, June 05, 2018 | Comments (0)
Posted 11 months ago


Back Pain

Sometimes a bad back is just a bad back. Sometimes it’s not.

Introducing the Diagnosis Session and Free Phone Consult.

It doesn’t necessarily matter how you have injured your back - pushing the wheelbarrow, lifting the children or lifting a barbell in the gym.

Sports injuries by definition occur during sport - but back pain can come about while doing the most trivial of tasks and often its' not the barbell that’s the issue but the simple things -

It’ the Sitting, the bending, driving and the lifting of everyday items that cause the biggest issues - not the lifting the barbell or the squats or the cycling.

Sometimes continuing to do the above can cause ongoing issues and sometimes a little bit of rest can work wonders - check this out

Should I rest my injury?

If you have Back stiffness and soreness that's stopping you from doing the simple things pain free then perhaps it's time to get specialist advice so you do know what to do next?

Sometimes it's the not really knowing whats going on that's the trouble - Should I be using ice or heat on my back?

Should I bend or avoid it?

Do I need a scan or X-Ray on my back?

It’s these sorts of questions that we answer on a daily basis here at Straight Back Physio.

Providing expert advice is what we do - it’s our job.

So Sports Injury or simple Back Pain that has come on for no reason one morning - come and get things checked out.

Then we can tell you what you need to be doing to get you going again. Because one thing is for sure - if you want to be lifting the weights, running or cycling then your rehab will be different from the man or woman that needs to be able to drive to work 30mins each way, each day!

There lies the difference between a Sports Injury and a simple Back Pain related to simple tasks - you see its all in the level of rehab you need!

If you want to Fast Track your Back then a Rapid Rehab is what you need.

If you want more info on how you can ease your back pain, you can come for a ‘diagnosis session' - we’d love to help you out and give you 50% OFF the price of your first session with us.

That means you can come and see us for £24 instead of the usual £48 and you can leave the session safe in the knowledge of what's wrong and what you need to do to get things going again.

Go here to request your diagnosis session: HERE




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