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Incoming: Neck Pain

Francesca Carpenter - Thursday, May 19, 2016 | Comments (0)
Posted 3 years ago
Lady using phone

My Inbox Reads: Text Neck

While out for a coffee at the weekend, I had a good old look around, as you do, and its safe to say 90% of people there were engrossed in some form of technology - phones, laptops, tablets, all sorts, be it while sat with their coffee or even while waiting for it to be prepared. 

As brilliant as technology is, its use does seem to continue to cause all sorts of aches and pains and although this isn’t a new thing it just continued to highlight to me the reason we as physios see so many people with neck pain. 

The idea of this ‘text neck’ phenomenon that was highlighted in the press perfectly illustrates the effects head position has on our necks.

Neck Posture

When looking at this, no wonder why we develop pain. As efficient as our bodies can be, it can only take so much load before something’s going to give.

We are all guilty of it, all finding ourselves in these positions at numerous points throughout the day, be it using the computer, reading or looking at our phones but it all can amount to the same thing – a pain in the neck!!

Often patients can’t recall a specific event that triggered their pain and in the majority of cases it is often just a ‘little niggle’ that creeps up on us until eventually the body can’t take anymore and that once ignored ‘niggle’ becomes more of a debilitating pain.


If you’re sat reading this now – have a quick think about your current position.

Are your ears way out in front of your shoulders? Are you slumped?

What’s your desk set up like? Below is an illustration of some quick basic tips you can adopt to optimise your position at work. Take a look and see if you need to consider making any changes.

Neck Posture

There are also a few basic exercises that can help with muscle tightness and joint mobility that are worth giving a go:

Lady using phone

We are only human therefore we will all find ourselves falling into bad postures. However, if we can increase our awareness of our body position in whatever we are doing then we can look to make the changes required.

You may not currently have pain but prevention is always better than cure!!

Bet that made you sit upright :-)

Let us know by leaving a comment if you did happen to be grabbing a coffee when you read this!

If you know anyone obsessed with their Tech but moans about a bad neck, show them this, it might just help.



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