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You may have had a sporting incident that has led to hip, knee or ankle pain. Or irritatingly symptoms that have simply crept up on you for no apparent reason.

Of course, you are likely to feel discomfort after having joint surgery or an accident including slips, trips and twists.

People sometimes complain that the simplest of activities cause pain at the buttock, Hamstrings, groin or thigh. Others complain of discomfort further down the leg at the knee, calf, ankle, Achilles tendon or sole of the foot.

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How we can help with your discomfort

After we have established information about your symptoms, we will perform a physical assessment of your low back, hip, knee, ankle and nervous system, as any of these structures may be the underlying cause of your lower limb problem.

Examples of treatment techniques we apply to the lower limb include:

  • A recently twisted knee or ankle might require the principles of Rest Ice Compression & Elevation to manage swelling.
  • Taping may be required to support sprained knees and ankles.
  • If muscles are found to be tight and knotted, we will use soft tissue release techniques and massage.
  • Tendonitis of the knee or Achilles responds brilliantly to hands on techniques, taping and exercise.
  • Osteoarthritis of the knees or ankles may benefit from treatment with Acupuncture which has been found in studies to relieve pain in these conditions.
  • If it turns out that joints are stiff we may need to mobilise them.
  • Muscular weakness's found after knee replacement, reconstructive surgery or injury will require specific strengthening rehabilitative exercises to restore full function.

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