About Straight Back Physiotherapy

From Brighton to London, to Cheltenham, to New Zealand and back to Cheltenham…

Cheltenham’s specialist Physio clinic, getting people in their 30,40,50 and 60’s Straight Back to full activity and fun times.

Where we specialise in helping the 35-65-year-old population of the town to keep fit, mobile and active - all with the very natural solution that is Physiotherapy.

A Clinic that is perfect for those people who don't want to rely on painkillers and extended periods of rest! It’s what makes us the preferred specialist providers in Cheltenham.

Just see what these happy patients have to say about us - Check out the Patient Stories.

Because these people have already found a clinic that does hands-on style treatments involving massage, stretching and joint manipulation, all backed up with exercise in our gym.

We’ve worked in the NHS and know that some people don’t have the best experience in these kinds of Physio departments. But believe me, it’s not because they are bad Physio’s it's just the usual constraints that a lack of money and time tend to put on a system.

That’s why Stuart and Sarah set about to do things in a different way. Having worked overseas with the active crowd in Queenstown, NZ we realised that being on the bike, the school run, the ski fields and playing fields was so important to so many - we love people’s commitment to the fun things in life and that’s why we are committed to making sure you can do those things ASAP and without…

Without waiting lists,

Without extended periods of rest,

and all with as few painkillers as possible.

Our patients find great relief from our hands-on treatments of stretches, joint manipulation and specific and directed exercise therapy - often performed down on the ‘shop floor’ (AKA the gym) or within the treatment room if you’d prefer.


Of course, you will never leave without being given the most specific and honest advice that we can give you.

That’s why if you are a little sceptical about beginning any treatments then we actively encourage you to give us a call and speak directly to any of our Physio team before you even think about just booking in with us.

We come from sporting backgrounds and if our therapists are honest with themselves will admit that they are failed professional athletes!

But that’s exactly why we love what we do. Because we can empathise and understand that feeling of not being able to do what you want because of discomfort. We get the frustration of not training. The disappointment of not being able to compete.

We’ve (the older ones of us on the team) - have had experience of sciatica after too much digging in the gardening. We know how painful it can be to bend, sit or drive. We have torn our calf’s while running (again the older members of the team). So we understand what Rehab is -

PS did you know a recent review by the government-funded investigation into Back Pain suggests all treatments be complimented by exercise-It’s what we've been doing for years already…
getting your back cracked every few weeks on a treatment couch probably isn't going to do a lot for you in the long haul!

In our opinion what you probably need is a HEFTY DOSE of Accurate and good rehab exercise, good honest advice and of course the hands-on treatments to get you going again -

The Shop Floor awaits!